Sunday, 15 August 2010

Arabian Sea Pelagic 13.08.10

Once again went out to sea with Abdullah.  Highlight of the trip was a lovely Masked Booby,  not too many of these recorded in the UAE,  11th record I believe.

 Masked Booby
(Sula dactylatra)

This time took a few fish with us to see if we could attract the birds to us rather than scouring the seas for activity.  Seemed to work well with Sooty Gull, Bridled and Common Tern and an Arctic Skua appearing from nowhere !  Lesson learned was that we need more fish - so next trip out will see us stocked up with adequate quantities :-))  Some pics attached,  please also visit my Pbase account for many more images.

Common Tern
(Sterna hirundo)
Bridled Tern
(Sterna anaethetus )

Arctic Skua
(Stercorarius parasiticus)