Sunday, 3 April 2011

Kerala, India February 2011 (06.03.11) Day 3

So Day 3 was another day in Thattekad.  I had a much better night's sleep and as promised there was no temple music!.  Hornbill Camp is a wonderful place in the morning,  with birdsong and beautiful views.
The staff at the camp are all from the local communities and earn an income from the running of the camp. They source all the camp requirements from the local village.

So after a lovely breakfast it was off with Shibu and Jijo once again for our visits to sites around Thattekad National Park.

Species seen today :

Black BazaMalabar Grey HornbillVernal Hanging Parrot
Malabar TrogonBlack-headed BulbulFlame Minivet
White-bellied TreepieRiver TernOrange-headed Thrush
Crested Honey BuzzardCommon FlamebackCommon Hawk-cuckoo
Stork-billed KingfisherGreenish WarblerEurasian Golden Oriole
Large-billed CrowGreen-winged Emerald DoveRufous Babbler
Brahminy KiteHeart-spotted WoodpeckerAsian Drongo-cuckoo
Blue-bearded Bee-eaterGreat Reed WarblerBlack-naped Oriole
Dusky Crag MartinPompadour Green PigeonCrimson-backed Sunbird
Common KestrelLarge WoodshrikeWhite-rumped Spinetail
DollarbirdAsian Brown FlycatcherBlack-hooded Oriole
Velvet-fronted NuthatchPlum-headed ParakeetLittle Spiderhunter
Whiskered TernScarlet MinivetBlack-naped Monarch

Blue-throated Flycatcher

Stork-billed Kingfisher
(Pelargopsis capensis)
Malabar Grey Hornbill
(Ocyceros griseus)
Little Cormorant
(Phalacrocorax niger)

Green-winged Emerald Dove
(Chalcophaps indica)

Orange-headed Thrush
(Zoothera citrina cyanotus)
Scarlet Minivet - Female
(Pericrocotus flammeus)

Oriental Darter
(Anhinga melanogaster)
Greater Coucal
(Centropus sinensis)
Common Flameback
(Dinopium javanense)


  1. Amazing captures of beautiful birds! They are much more colourful than the birds in HK.

  2. Awseome serie, great birds! The Stork-billed Kingfisher image is the best, what a funny bird ;)